Hermes Accounting System

Why Hermes Accounting System?
Hermes Accounting System is made in collaboration with a Certified Public Accountant for proper compliance and inputs from actual end-users.
Product Features:
  1. Multi users, each user with assigned viewing and transaction rights. Hermes to allow unlimited number of users to access and encode data simultaneously;
  2. System approval enabled which can be used for paperless transactions helping reduce printing and overhead costs;
  3. For organizations that do not prefer paperless transactions, Hermes can customize forms per client preference (registered looseleaf forms or other system generated forms to file);
  4. Ability to generate audit trail and see each transactions movement. Who and when a transaction has been created, edited, endorsed for approval and approved;
  5. User friendly transaction entry interface:
    • 5.1 Purchase Journal and Purchase Journal Adjustment
      5.2 Disbursement Journal
      5.3 Journal Voucher Entry
      5.4 Sales Invoice Entry
      5.5 Receipt Journal Entry
  6. Automatic system Entry for Sales Invoice and Receipt Journal based on data entry from Xenia Hotel Management System, iServe F&B POS System and iKeep Housekeeping Module;
  7. Ability to lock and unlock Accounting Periods to prevent unauthorized/erroneous access;
  8. Database to store data and access up to 10 years of reports;
  9. Cost Center and Profit Center features;
    • - Cost Center to monitor spending of each department;
      - Profit Center to monitor performance of each registered activities;
  10. Ability to enter and monitor Budget (per department or as a whole);
  11. Ability to clear selected GL accounts that requires appropriate closing (advances/accounts payable);
  12. Generate reports that are exportable in MS Excel®, MS Word® and PDF formats:

    • 12.1 Books
        12.1.1 Purchase Journal Books
        12.1.2 Disbursement Journal Books
        12.1.3 Sales Journal
        12.1.4 Cash Receipt Journal
        12.1.5 General Journal
        12.1.6 General Ledger
        12.1.7 Special Ledgers

      12.2 Financial Reports
        12.2.1 Trial Balance
        12.2.2 Working Trial Balance
        12.2.3 Balance Sheet
        12.2.4 Income Statement
        12.2.5 Cash Flow Statement
        12.2.6 Statement of Changes in Equity

      12.3 Other Reports
        12.3.1 Income Statement (Actual vs. Budget)
        12.3.2 Income Statement per Profit Center (per Activity)
        12.3.3 Aging of Accounts Receivable
        12.3.4 Aging of Accounts Payable
        12.3.5 Bank Reconciliation
Development Path:
  1. Integrated Purchase request system. For each department/cost center to monitor their spending and matching this spending based on approved budget. Thus, all users will be aware of overspending or savings prior issuance of Purchase Request/actual spending
  2. Purchase Order – to cater purchasing department needs
  3. Inventory Management – to cater warehouse personnel needs
  4. Fixed Asset Module – To record, monitor, maintain company assets
  5. Integration with BIR alpha list and VAT relief system
  6. Computerized Accounting System registration with BIR