iServe F&B POS System

    ✓ With iServe POS System in place, Staffs are accountable for all sales rung up and cannot alter customer checks without a Security Code. This helps to maintain a lid on employee theft and prevents staff members from giving discounts to their friends and family members.
    ✓ With the built-in inventory feature, Restaurant operators can keep close tabs on inventory and food usage. Identifying usage patterns allows for better planning of ingredient purchases, eliminating or minimizing shortages as well as decreasing the incidence of over-ordering.
    ✓ Deploying iServe POS System frees up staff from performing time-consuming tasks, such as manually performing cash register reconciliation and double-checking disparities in sales or other figures. Time saved can be devoted to customer service, again bolstering the potential for increased profitability.
    ✓ With iServe POS System integrated with Xenia HMS, Staff can now charge real-time directly to guest folios for fast, efficient and paperless transactions.