Servo Firewall System by pfSense

Servo Firewall System by pfSense with Ubiquiti Network Products
    ✓ Provide a 5-star Hotel WiFi connection to your hotel guests with a quarter of the cost
    ✓ Limit the bandwidth that each guest consume and optionally block movies and music downloads to preserve the speed and integrity of your internet connection.
    ✓ Optionally sell your Internet connection to make additional income
    ✓ Use 2 or 3 Internet providers to create a fast and powerful internet connection
    ✓ In lieu of WiFi passwords, give vouchers that expires in a given period so you won’t have free back-riders that may slow down your internet connection (example: give vouchers that lets your guests connect for only 2hours – ideal for coffee shops or if you want to sell unlimited internet).
    ✓ Centralized control to maintain your network and even block unwanted clients
    ✓ Powerful commercial-grade Firewall to protect you from internal and external threats.

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