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How to Set Up MultiWAN
  • Routing
  • Click the GROUPS tab
  • Click the + sign on the lower right corner
  • GROUP NAME - type in MultiWAN
We assign tiers for each WAN connection.

  • WAN: Tier1
  • OPT1: Tier2
  • OPT3: Tier3
  • In the example above the OPT1 would be used if WAN fails, OPT3 will be used if OPT1 also fails. So Tier1 has the highest priority.

  • It is also possible to perform connection-based round-robin load balancing with the tier priorities.
  • WAN: Tier1
  • OPT1: Tier1
  • OPT3: Tier1
In the example above the connections with the same tier will perform connection-based round-robin load balancing. This is the most preferred configuration since it simultaneously all of the gateways. If WAN = 2Mbps, OPT1 = 4Mbps, OPT3 = 4Mbps, then you can have a combined bandwidth speed of up to 10Mbps.

  • TRIGGER LEVEL - You can choose from Member Down, Packet Loss,  High Latency or  both Packet Loss and High Latency This option lets PfSense decide when to remove a gateway from the group.
  • DESCRIPTION - Type in the description for your multiWAN
  • Select LAN Tab
  • Look for "Default allow LAN to any rule" click "e" button to edit the rule.
  • On the Firewall:Rules:Edit page, Scroll down to the "Advanced Features" Category.
  • Click the "Advanced" Button beside the "Gateway" Feature. Drop down and select the MultiWAN Gateway you created on the routings page.
  • Then Click save button.

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