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How to Post Partial Goods Issuance?

Goods Issuance is the physical issuance of goods or materials from the warehouse. Usually, the system creates a GI transaction once an event was billed out. However, for a more accurate inventory management, especially for events that take place for more than a day, Edesia Banquet System permits users to post partial GI transactions prior to billing out. This feature allows users to track the inventory throughout the duration of an event.

Note: The event must-have a custom/set menu posted on the invoice. Additionally, this feature may only be used once the event is ongoing or still pending.

To post partial goods issuance..

  1. Open the event, click the  image  icon and select "Goods Issuance"

  2. Tick the checkbox of the menu items to be included in the GI (menu that was already served)

  3. Once done, click "Post". An activated user privilege is needed to post partial goods issuance transaction.
    Note: Once a menu has been processed for Goods Issuance, the user may no longer edit the set menu.



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