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How to Limit Bandwidth usage per PC
  2. Click the LIMITER tab
  3. Click the + sign to create a new limiter rule.
  4. ENABLE - Click to enable limiter
  5. NAME - Type in your limiter name e.g. DL
  6. BANDWIDTH - Type in the bandwidth speed limit (kbps). In this case, Limiter for (DL) download.
  7. On the Drop down box, Select Source Address (for download limiter)
  8. Leave IPV4 and IPV6 masks Bits empty
  9. DESCRIPTION - Put a description for you limiter, In this case "download".
  10. Click Save button
  11. Click the + sign to create a NEW limiter rule (for uploads)
  12. Repeat steps 4 to 10. for NAME, type in UP (for upload), Type in the speed limit for uploads (in kbps). In the drop down box, Select Destination Address (for upload Limiter). Click save button.
  13. Go to FIREWALL > RULES
  14. Click the LAN Tab
  15. Look for "Default allow LAN to any rule" click "e" button to edit the rule.
  16. On the Firewall:Rules:Edit page, Scroll down to the "Advanced Features" Category.
  17. Click the "Advanced" Button beside the "In/Out" Feature. for the first drop down box, select the Download name you created on your limiter rules. e.g. DL(Download). On the second drop down box, Select the upload name you create on your limiter rules. e.g. UP(Upload).
  18. Click Save.
  19. Go to to check if your limiter rule is working

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