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What is the use of a Monitor IP in PfSense?
Monitor IP

By default pfSense will ping the gateway to determine the quality of the WAN. In some cases, that is not an accurate measure. For instance, if the WAN gateway is actually a device that is local and not on the other side of the ISP circuit, then the actual WAN link could be down and pinging the gateway would never show it. Also, if the ISP gateway is up but the ISP experiences upstream failures, those cannot be detected by pinging only the gateway.

A custom IP address can be entered to monitor here that will be used to determine the WAN quality. A public website, Google public DNS, or any IP on the Internet that responds to pings can be used. The downside is that should that IP ever go offline, or suffer a failure of its own, the WAN could be marked down when it's really up.

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