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How to Create and Print a WiFi Voucher using UniFi Controller Software?

WiFi Vouchers are credentials provided to guests upon check-in in order for them to connect to the WiFi.

To create and print WiFi vouchers..

  1. Launch UniFi  on the Desktop of the Server/UniFi Controller Server

  2. Click "Launch a Browser to Manage the Network"
    or (if knowledgeable of the network link of the software) open Google Chrome and type in the network address of the software. The format is "https://[IP OF THE SERVER]:8443/manage/hostspot" (no spaces)

  3. Enter the credentials to log in

  4. Go to the "Voucher" tab

  5. Click "Create Vouchers"

  6. Input the necessary details:
    1. Number of vouchers
    2. Quota - Refers to how many times can guests use their vouchers
    3. Expiration Time - Refers to how long can guests be connected to the WiFi using their vouchers
    4. Bandwith Limit (Download)
    5. Bandwith Limit (Upload)

  7. Once done, click "Save"

  8. Click "Print Batch" and select the batch created

  9. Configure the printer settings and print

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