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How to access your Training Database
To access your Training Database, please follow these steps:

1. While on the log-in window, press F1. The DB Server Settings will appear.

2. Click the Drop down button and select "Create New Connection"


3. The Edit Server windows will appear. On the "Connection Name" field, Type Training. On the IP Address field, type the IP Address of your server (usually it's On the DB Name field, type Default. Click the Traning DB check box then click Save.

4. Close the Edit Server windows to go back to the Database Selection window. From the drop down button, select the Training database you just created then click Use. 

5. If you have successfully configured your Training Database settings, the log-in screen will now appear like this:


6. To revert back to your Active Server, please follow all the steps above, except this time, select your Active Server (Server 1 in the figure above)

If you're Training Database is not up-to-date, please click here.

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