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How to Use Traces in Edesia?

Traces is used for inter-departmental endorsements and communications. Traces can be a request/service to be provided to guests at the time of reservation or during their course of stay in the property.

The department who receives a request enters the details of the request as a Trace in the reservation, so the department who is supposed to act on this request can be notified about it at the time and day set. Once the request or service is provided the issuing department will set the status of the traces to ‘Resolved’.

Sales Agents will be prompted in the dashboard, and in the Event Details window when a guest has a still an unresolved trace. This acts as a reminder to the staff so they can take action immediately if required. The Housekeeping, Reservations, Front Office and other departments can print the traces for any day from the reports section of their respective systems.

To add a trace..

  1. If this is a Reservation, open the Event
    1. Go to Others > Traces

  2. If this is an In-House Guest (checked-in on Xenia FOS), from the Main Navigation go to Others > Traces

  3. The Traces window will show the list of created or existing traces. This can be filtered by Date, Department and Status. By default it shows the traces for the day.


  4. Click "New" 

  5. Enter the necessary details:
    1. If trace is opened from the Main Navigation, it is required to input the Folio Number of guest

    2. If Trace is opened from the event window, the folio details will not be shown

  6. By typing folio details, it will display the basic details such as Guest name, Room No., Stay Durations
  7. Select the respective Department responsible for the trace
  8. Select the validity schedule of the trace
  9. Enter the time when the trace is to be executed
  10. Enter a Trace Message
  11. Once done, click "Save"

To Edit a Trace..

  1. Click the trace from the list
  2. Enter the necessary changes

  3. Once done, click "Save"

To Resolve a Trace..

  1. Click the trace from the list
  2. Click "Resolve"
    Note: Resolving should be done in the assigned department. Edesia Banquet System can only resolve traces that are under the Sales Department

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