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How to Troubleshoot VingCard's Lockset Integration (Vision)?

Before asking for technical support assistance, please read this FAQ thoroughly and follow the instructions on how to isolate the problem. Oftentimes, the issue with the integration is with VingCard, and not with Xenia. Only if you have verified that the issue is with Xenia should you get help from Servo.

Xenia's integration with VingCard Lockset is done via a TCP-IP connection. This is important to note since the following must be working properly to use the integration successfully:

  1. VingCard's Server machine (can reside in the same machine as Xenia's Server) must be in the same network as your FO machine
  2. Your FO machine must have local area network connection and can connect to VingCard's Server machine
  3. Both of machine's firewall must allow port 3015 connection via TCP (ask help from your IT staff)

How to isolate issues relating to the integration?

  1. Check if you can create a guest key at VingCard's software (Vision). If this fails, the issue is with VingCard and you should call their technical support representative.
  2. Check that all instances of Vision (VingCard's software) is running but logged-out. To be able to successfully create guest keys, Vision must be ready to accept instructions from Xenia, but should not be used for other purposes. Xenia will return "Busy" or Answer Code "5" when this fails.
  3. VTCLink must be running in Vision. Check with your IT staff on how to verify this.

Only when you have done this three and verified everything is working should you get assistance from Servo. In as much as we want to help you with VingCard's software, this is a third-party software which cannot be resolved by us.

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