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How to create a Banquet Event Order (BEO) in Edesia Banquet System ?

A Banquet Event Order, commonly referred to as a "BEO" is a document that outlines the details of an event. It serves as a guideline for the hotel to execute and communicate logistics to every involve departments.

  1. Click the event. The event form containing all the event details will show
  2. Click the icon right next to “Other”
  3. Click “Banquet Event Order”
  4. FOOD SERVING. To configure the food serving, click “Others’ Dropdown Menu” button then select “Food Serving” . Only set menus and custom menu (with configured menu) will appear here
  5. Configure menu according to:
    1. Date to serve
    2. Serving Time
    3. Serving Type
  6. Click “Save” button
  7. DEPARTMENTAL MESSAGE. Create reminder/task per department
  8. Single Entry. Select department on “Department menu”
  9. Input message in BEO entry field. 
    1. *The message can be marked as reusable to save it as canned departmental message by toggling “Mark as reusable”
  10. Then click Add
  11. Multiple Entry. Click “Others’ Dropdown Menu” button then select “Add BEO entry”
  12. All entries that are marked reusable will display in this section.
  13. Mark all entries you want to add, then save
  14. PRINT. Click “PRINT” button at the bottom of the form
  15. Select “Banquet Event Order”, then print.

If you want to watch the video, just click and follow the link below:

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