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How to change a Guest's Name (for version 2.3.70 and up)
Prior to version 2.3.70, Xenia PMS automatically loads all previous guest names in preparation for the Folio Window's auto-fill when a user changes the guest's name. Although very user friendly, the system tends to slow down when the guest names in the database reaches a few thousands.

Since version 2.3.70, we have implemented a minor change to speed-up the system.

Important Reminder:
You should click the "Update" button to apply changes to the guest name

For new reservations and straight check-ins, the auto-fill feature of the guest name text box is still active

This auto-fill feature is now disabled for existing reservations and checked-in folios.


To be able to change the guest name, click the icon next to the guest name as highlighted:

The Guest Name options window will appear. In here, you will be able to do the following:

  • To change the guest name to a currently existing guest profile, simply use the upper text box to search and double click to use:

  • To change the guest name to a new guest profile, type the last name and first name of the guest separated by a coma (Dela Cruz, Juan). Click the "Use New" button that appeared.

  • To change the spelling or make modifications to the current guest name, use the text box in the lower left and click "Apply"

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