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How to File a Leave Request?

Under the Labor Code of the Philippines, employees are entitled to incentive leaves as a benefit for a year of service rendered in an organization. Aside from mandatory leaves, companies may grant its employees leave credits as a form of benefit.

The E-Portal allows employees to file a leave request formThis feature also enables employees to see the record of their available leave credits including their Leave History and active Leave Requests.

To file for a leave..

  1. From the Dashboard, go to Leave Management

  2. Under Leave Trails section, click "Apply Leave"

  3. Enter the necessary details:
    1. Leave Type
    2. Date Range
    3. Purpose/Reason
    4. Optionally, employees can upload supporting documents

  4. Once done, click "Submit Request"



Once submitted, the leave request will be marked as pending until it is approved/rejected


Once the request is done being reviewed by the management, the employee will receive an e-mail notification:


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