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How to Add a New Supplier/Customer?

Hermes AS allows users to store and organize records of Vendors or Suppliers and Customers. Most transactions in the system require the details of suppliers to successfully process the data.

Important Note: It is recommended to input all the details of suppliers and customers in order to generate a more accurate report especially for BIR Reports.

To add a supplier/customer..

  1. Go to Controlling > Masterlist > Vendors & Customers

  2. Click "Add"

  3. Enter the necessary details for each section:
    1. General Info
      1. Name
      2. Type – classifies the stakeholder either as a Customer, Employee, Government Agency, Supplier, or Others
      3. Address 1
      4. Address 2
      5. Approved Payment Term
      6. Approved Credit Limit

    2. Contacts
      1. Contact Person
      2. Contact Number
      3. Email Address
      4. Fax Number

    3. Business Info
      1. Registration Type – refers to the VAT type (registered, exempt, zero-rated, or Non-VAT) as reflected in the stockholder’s BIR Certificate of Registration
      2. Alphanumeric Tax Code
      3. Business Type – pertains to the type of business structure of the stakeholder
      4. TIN – should be in the format of 000-000-000-00
      5. SEC Registration
      6. DTI Registration
      7. For Sole Proprietors:
        1. Last Name
        2. First Name
        3. Middle Name

    4. Others
      1. Default Chart of Account – assigns a specific chart of account for the stakeholder
      2. Cost Center – may be configured in the Department Profile which is also under the Masterlist section
      3. Payee – used to address cheque payments
      4. Particulars – notes or remarks about the supplier or customer

  4. Once done, click "Save"

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