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How to bypass Firewall Captive Portal page via Device MAC Address
  1. First you need to obtain you devices' MAC Address. If you don't know how to get your devices' MAC Address follow this link. Please take note of the MAC Address. 
  2. Obtaining your network Gateway
    1. To get the default gateway. Follow these steps:
      • Press Windows + R and type CMD (command prompt)
      • Click the OK button or Press Enter key.
      • In Command Prompt window, type ipconfig and press Enter key
      • Take note of the Default Gateway

If you have the default gateway, follow these steps:

3.In your browsers address bar, type your default gateway followed by ':1000'.

 E.g. Then hit enter


4. Use the log in credentials endorsed to you


5. Once Logged In, Navigate to Services > Captive Portal


7. Double click the guestwifi zone field to enter the configuration page


8. Navigate to the MACs Tab
9. Click the Add button to add a device on your pass-through list
10. Configure the following:

  • Insert the MAC Address of the device. Make sure to follow the correct format separated by a colon : (aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff)
  • Description  - Enter the Device name E.g. Owner's IPhone
  • Bandwidth Up - Leave this field blank
  • Bandwidth Down - Leave this field blank

11. Hit Save Button


Once saved, Your device will now be able to connect to the WiFi and browse the internet without being redirected to the Captive Portal for Authentication

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