Frequently Asked Questions

How to create users?
To make a new user, please log-in to Central Control. An activated privilege is required from hereon to continue.

  1. Go to User Accounts
  2. Click Create
  3. Enter the details of the user. Please observe the following restrictions:
    • The Last Name and First Name fields should be at least 2 characters
    • The Password field can be alphanumeric, and should be at least 5 characters in length
    • The Security Code field should be 8 digits. Simple combinations like 12345678, 87654321 and others are not allowed
    • The Level of the user should be determined by his/her immediate superior.
      • Level 1 - Reserved for Servo IT Solutions technical staff
      • Level 2 - For owners or authorized individuals
      • Level 3 - For Managers or Supervisors
      • Level 4 - Ordinary users like FO Agents or Housekeeping Staff
  4. Click Save.
  5. Go to Users Priv Tab to give this user the needed privileges
  6. Under the User Name Column, you'll see all users registered in the system. On the right column are the privileges given to this user. You may check/uncheck the privileges that are applicable to each user that you determine by their job descriptions.You may double click each privilege for a brief explanation of what changes or actions can be made by the user.
  7. Since version 2.3.100, we have introduced the Group Privileges feature where you can pre-select the privileges for a particular group of users (ie, FO Agents, Housekeeping Staff, Reservation Officers, Auditors, etc).
    1. To use this feature, go to Manage Group.
    2. On the lower left, select "Add New Group" and click "Go". You will be prompted to name this group privilege. 
      • image
    3. Select all applicable privileges for this group and click "Save Privs".
    4. Close this window to go back to Users Priv.
  8. You may now select the newly-created group privilege from the lower left drop-down list.
  9. Click Apply Group and Save.

You may now create new users and use the same group of privileges for each one. You may also create a different group for other sets of users with different privileges.

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