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How to Effectively Report an Issue?

Whenever issues using the software products availed occurs, it is best to create effective issue reports for it to be resolved faster.

These are the guidelines in creating an effective issue report:


  1. Make sure your software is up to date
    You may get free update by doing either of the following:
    (a) Go to Start(Orb) Menu > All Programs > Xenia Property Management System (or iServe F&B POS System) > Check for Xenia Updates, or:
    (b) Log-in at Xenia Property Management System (or iServe) using your credentials and go to Others > Check for Updates
  2. Make sure the issue happens on other installations. Sometimes, the version you're using might be updated, but other users are using a different version that might give a different result. It is generally a good practice to maintain and use a certain version of the software product in all of your installations/computers.
  3. If the issue still persists, go to and file a support ticket. If you have multiple issues, please file separate tickets for each so we can better monitor and resolve them one by one.

Important Ticket Details

When submitting an entry through our support ticket system, please make sure you submit the correct details:

  • Help Topic
    • General Inquiry - use this subject should you need information on certain topics. Example: How do I access the Training Database?
    • Report a Problem - use this subject when reporting issues
    • Request a Feature/Report - use this subject when requesting or suggesting a feature or report.
  • Email Address, Full Name, Contact Number
    • The email address, name and contact number you use for submitting issues. If this is your first time, please register so you can have an archive of past and still unresolved issues. If your company is using a single email address when submitting tickets, please make sure you leave your name and your own contact number so we can immediately contact you in case we need more information for this particular ticket.
  • Client Name
    • Please provide the Client name (Hotel Name/Business Name) where you are affiliated. In some cases, there are those who submit tickets using their personal email address without specifying their affiliation.
  • Ticket Details
    • Summary - A clear, concise summary of your inquiry, issue or request. A good summary should quickly and uniquely identify a bug report. It should explain the problem, not your suggested solution.
      • Bad: "I have a problem"
      • Good: "I cannot cancel a guest folio for guest Dela Cruz,Juan with reservation date June 10, 2016."
      • Bad: "Software crashes"
      • Good: "Logging-in will result to an error: ODBC Manager not found"
  • Details - Use this section to provide a detailed information on the inquiry, issue or request. If this is an issue, it is important that you provide the following information:
    • What was the intention of the action?
      • Bad: "I wanted to view a report"
      • Good: "I wanted to see the cash payments for March 2015 using the Payments Detailed Report by Day in Advance Reports"
    • What was the action taken?
      • Bad: "I clicked Reports"
      • Good: "I went to the Main Menu, then to Reports, and Advance Reports. I provided my security code when the system prompted for it and after pressing enter, the system denied my entry."
    • What was the expected output?
      • Bad: "It did not open"
      • Good: "I supposedly have access to the Advance Reports"
  • Attachments - It is very helpful to attach a screenshot or scanned copy (in cases of print-outs) to the ticket so we can have a better idea of the issue or request. You can use the Snipping Tool of Windows 7/8 (read steps here) or just press the "PrtSc" button on your keyboard to capture the issue on-screen, paste it in a Word processor (like MS Office Word) and attach.
  • Product Involved - please select what product applies to your ticket.
  • Version - The version you're using when the issue happened is very important in troubleshooting. The version number usually comes after the product name in the log-in window or main window.
    • Incorrect: ""
    • Correct: "3.1.23"

Writing precise steps to reproduce the issue

How can Servo IT Solutions reproduce the issue on his or her own computer?

Steps to reproduce are the most important part of any support ticket entry. If we can reproduce the issue, it will most very likely be fixed. If the steps are unclear, it might not even be possible to know whether the issue has been fixed.

Describe your method of interacting with our Sofware Products (Xenia PMS, iServe, iKeep, Hermes, Edesia, etc).

Imprecise: "Click the button and select the guest"
Precise: "Click the "Reserve" button and select the guest name."

After your steps, precisely describe the observed result and the expected result. Clearly separate the facts (observations) from speculations:

Imprecise: "It doesn't work"
Precise: "Instead of showing the guests names, it shows the message "Subscript out of range."

Important Reminders:

  • We may need to contact you for further information via email or phone call so please leave your mobile or contact number within the ticket, if not indicated in your details. Please check your email for follow-up questions from us.
  • Please call our hotlines 0999 177 7000 and 0917 684 7000 if your issue is an emergency. These lines are on standby 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Thank you for your patience.

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