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How to Create a Debit Entry?

A debit is an accounting entry that increases an asset or expense account. In Edesia Banquet System, a Debit Entry is a term used for transactions in settling accounts (i.e. Cash payment and Bank deposit).

To add a debit entry..

  1. Under the Main Navigation, go to Others > Central Control. An activated user privilege is needed to add a debit entry.


  2. Select "Entries Management"

  3. Click "Add Debit Entry"

  4. Enter the necessary details:
    1. Description
    2. Code
    3. Group
      1. Cash
      2. Card
      3. Others
    4. Exclusive use in
      1. On account - for past or ongoing event
      2. Guest deposit - for reserved events
      3. CL Payment - for the events to be settled in City Ledger
    5. Is active
    6. Require remarks – it will ask the user to input remarks every time the entry is used
    7. Require privilege- it will ask the user to input security code every time the entry is used

  5. Once done, click "Add"

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